About Us

Our Mission

DC Primary Care Association (DCPCA) works to create healthier communities through advocacy and the development of the infrastructure to support a high quality, equitable, integrated health care system that gives every DC resident a fair shot at a full and healthy life.

Our Vision

Our collective action and innovation fosters the creation of an integrated health system that:

  • Respects and embraces people throughout the continuum of care; 
  • Empowers patients to fully engage in their health and well-being;
  • Is value-based and patient-centered; and
  • Commits to achieving equity and optimal levels of health for all.

Our Story

Founded in 1996, DCPCA is a non-profit health equity and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health of DC’s vulnerable residents by ensuring access to high quality primary health care, regardless of an ability to pay. As a leader in the health care community, we work to ensure that all residents of Washington, DC have the ability and opportunity to lead healthier lives - through increased health care coverage, expanded access, improved quality, workforce development, and enhanced communication. 

Our membership currently includes 15 community health centers and community-based organizations located in the District of Columbia and the Maryland suburbs. Between them, our members own and operate nearly 60 health care delivery sites that serve approximately 200,000 residents. These members serve as our partners. Together, along with other community-based safety-net primary care providers committed to the DCPCA mission, we work to create a high quality, equitable, integrated health care system that gives every resident an opportunity for a full and healthy life.

Since our founding we have been at the forefront of strengthening the District’s primary care system. Through or numerous advocacy efforts and resource development programs we have expanded and improved primary health care services for residents. 


Strategic Priorities

  • Building community health centers to expand access to quality health care,
  • Developing policies to support access to care and sustainability of community health centers,
  • Enhancing the quality in the system for improved health outcomes,
  • Building a community workforce of people to help navigate this better system of care,
  • Developing health information technology to link the system together,
  • Facilitating the development and sustainability of an effective, integrated health care system in the District that guarantees access to primary care and eliminates inequity in health outcomes.


Special Publications