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In 1996, a small group of visionaries formed the District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA). More than a decade later, DCPCA is a leader in the health care community as a nonprofit health action and advocacy organization working to ensure that all residents of Washington, DC have the ability and opportunity to lead healthier lives – through increased health care coverage, expanded access, improved quality, workforce development, and enhanced communication.

Like no other player in DC’s health care marketplace, DCPCA understands the District’s current health care infrastructure and the role primary care plays in the process of creating a well-linked, integrated system that best serves patients and works to promote healthy outcomes for all residents.

DCPCA has been at the forefront in strengthening the District’s primary care system by enhancing and leveraging resources to expand and improve primary health care services for DC residents. Our mission for the last 16 years has been to build a health care system that guarantees access to good health care for all and promotes equity in health outcomes.

The success of our mission evolved into a broad portfolio of projects, including building community health centers, building policies to support access and sustainability, building quality that’s measurable to show improved systems and health outcomes, building a community workforce of people to help navigate this better system of care, and building health information technology to link it all together, facilitating the development and sustainability of an effective, integrated health care system in the District that guarantees access to primary care and eliminates inequity in health outcomes.

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