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Board of Directors & Staff

DCPCA Board of Directors

George A. Jones, DCPCA Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Bread for the City

Donald Blanchon, DCPCA Board Secretary
Chief Executive Officer, Whitman-Walker Health

Julie Chapman
President and Chief Executive Officer, 501cTECH

Vincent A. Keane
President & Chief Executive Officer, Unity Health Care, Inc.

Ed Lazere
Executive Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute

John Mathewson
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations, The HSC Foundation

Kelly Sweeney McShane
Executive Director, Community of Hope

Claire Mooney, DCPCA Board Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer, La Clinica del Pueblo 

Dr. Rhonique Shields-Harris
Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs,
Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc.

Alicia Wilson
Executive Director, La Clínica del Pueblo


Jacqueline D. Bowens, Chief Executive Officer
jbowens@dcpca.org, (202) 638-0252

Maisha Armstrong, Director of Development and Communications
marmstrong@dcpca.org, (202) 638-0252

Fernanda Azucena, CHES, Community Health Access Program Coordinator
fazucena@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2318

AJ Bennett, Accounting Manager
abennett@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2347

Marjorie Brown, DC Health Link Assister
mbrown@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2316

Wanda D. Chew, Senior Administrative Assistant
wchew@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2336

Deborah Corey, Senior Development and Communications Coordinator
dcorey@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2312

Jim Costello, Deputy Director of HIT Operations
jcostello@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2309

Danielle Duffy, Director of Finance & Business Operations
dduffy@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2305

Saida Z. Durkee, Operations Manager & Executive Assistant to the CEO
sdurkee@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2322

Rick Holt, Network Services Support Manager
rholt@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2308

Lesleyan Lewis, Finance Assistant
llewis@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2314

Jonathan Perry, Associate Director of Quality and Informatics
jperry@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2311

Thomas Petry, Helpdesk Support Specialist
tpetry@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2306

Patricia Quinn, Director of Policy and External Affairs
pquinn@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2319

Donna Ramos-Johnson, Director & Chief Technology Officer
dramosjohnson@dcpca.org, (202) 638-0252

William Saylors, Helpdesk Support Specialist
wsaylors@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2307

Raakhee Sharma, Education and Outreach Coordinator
rsharma@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2344

Mike Smoot, EHR Data Manager
msmoot@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2310

Charles Keenan Taylor, DC Health Link Assister
ctaylor@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2316

Leslie Vicale, DC Health Link Assister
lvicale@dcpca.org, (202) 489-5947

Eric Vicks, Associate Director of Advocacy & Public Policy
evicks@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2317

Terry Walker, DC Health Link Assister
twalker@dcpca.org, (202) 489-6005

Gwendolyn O. Young, RN, Director of Quality Improvement and Operations
gyoung@dcpca.org, (202) 552-2313


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