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SOME (So Others Might Eat) exists to help the poor and destitute in DC — particularly the homeless and elderly. SOME’s ministry is primarily one of hospitality, and they strive to serve anyone in need that comes their way. The goal is never to pass judgment, but to nourish, support and, when need be, to challenge. The mission is twofold: first, strive to meet the needs of the poor and homeless through immediate services such as food, clothing, and medical care; second, work to empower clients through substance-abuse rehabilitation, job training, and housing programs so that they can eliminate their cycles of poverty and dependence.

SOME meets the immediate daily needs of the people we serve with health care, food, and clothing. We help break the cycle of homelessness by offering services, such as addiction treatment and counseling, affordable housing, and job training to the poor, the elderly, and individuals with mental illness. Each day, SOME is restoring hope and dignity one person at a time.

Vision: SOME is a trusted agent for change that helps break the cycle of homelessness and hunger in the nation’s capital. Through our partnerships and expanding comprehensive continuum of services, we help those in need to realize their full human potential. Our vision is that everyone who wants a job will have one; everyone has affordable housing, medical care, and food. Everyone who wants addiction and mental health treatment receives it and everyone who needs literacy learns to read and to write.

SOME is an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless of our nation’s capital.

Health Services

SOME moves the men, women, and families they serve from crisis to stability, despair to hope, dependence to self-sufficiency. Their model has three levels of care and support:

Emergency: These programs ensure that poor and homeless men, women, and children survive to see another day by providing meals, clothing, and health care.

Rebuilding: For those ready to transform their lives, these programs address the root causes of homelessness and poverty through job training, addiction treatment, counseling, and other support services to permanently move our clients from the street to independent, self-reliant living.

Stability: A safe, dignified, stable home provides clients the best chance to stay clean and sober, build the confidence they need to re-enter the community, secure jobs, and care for their families. SOME provides long-term affordable housing to those who are bettering their lives.

Current Initiatives

In 2005, SOME initiated a campaign to provide 1,000 units of affordable supportive housing for the District’s homeless and poor families and single adults, including the elderly and mentally ill. To date, we have developed apartments, efficiencies, and single rooms that serve 57 families with approximately 150 children, and 100 men and women. We currently have 250 units under construction. When this phase of development is complete in 2012, we will serve 87 families with approximately 240 children, 42 elderly, and 283 single adults.

Major Achievements

SOME has been meeting the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community for over 40 years. As a result of this continuing commitment, SOME has developed a great deal of experience and expertise in our areas of programming. We have gained a true and comprehensive understanding of the challenges our clients face and have thoughtfully and carefully expanded our services over the years to create a Continuum of Care model. By holistically addressing the challenges faced by the homeless and poor at all steps in the journey out of poverty, our program is highly successful in helping the neediest members of our community.

With the aid of SOME, thousands of people have transformed their lives, lifted themselves out of poverty, and are now living productive, meaningful lives in our communities. In the past year alone, SOME provided:

• 288,390 hot nutritious meals for hungry children, women, and men.
• 143,213 meals for the residents of our rehabilitative programs, senior center, and shelter for abused elderly.
• 17,525 showers and free clothing for homeless men and women.
• 2,034 shelter nights for 46 abused and neglected elderly.
• 13,215 medical and dental care visits to homeless people who could not afford a doctor or dentist.
• 1,681 adults with individual and group counseling, case management, and continuing care.
• 735 homeless men and women with 29,620 transitional housing nights in rehabilitative programs designed to help participants maintain sobriety, stabilize mental health, and find employment.
• 103 homeless and extremely low-income women and men with six months of intensive job training. Eighty-seven percent of graduates are now employed earning an average wage of $12.06.
• 546 homeless children, women, and men with safe, affordable, long-term housing.

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