Million Hearts 


Since 2013, DCPCA has been a partner in the DC Million Hearts Learning Collaborative (DC Million Hearts LC) supporting the implementation of clinical quality improvement strategies. The District program is part of the national HHS-directed Million Hearts initiative which aims to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes.


DC Million Hearts is a network made up of multiple public and private organizations, including national and regional organizations, local healthcare systems, academic organizations, and community organizations and programs. Through collaboration with key partners, population-level monitoring, and support for quality improvement, the DC Million Hearts program aims to reduce morbidity and mortality due to heart disease and diabetes in DC. The program also works to achieve management of heart disease and diabetes risk factors at the district level.


Beginning 2019, DCPCA has partnered with NACHC on the Million Hearts Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes in Primary Care project. During Year 1, participating health centers have developed and tested a HIT-based algorithm to identify high risk patients who would benefit from stain therapy medications, implementing evidence- based practices to improvement blood pressure control as well as detecting and diagnosing hypertensive patients “hiding in plain sight” with undiagnosed hypertension. For Year 2, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have proposed clear goals for Year 2 which outline outcome and process and outcome data around the three projects:

  1. Stain Therapy Project: Improve Appropriate use of Stain Therapy
  2. Improving Blood Pressure Control for African Americans Project
  3. Scaling HIPS/Strategies to Reduce Undiagnosed Hypertension Project

Core Activities

DCPCA supports DC Health’s Million Hearts initiative in the following ways:

  • Provide technical assistance and training to DCPCA participating health centers on evidence-based interventions to improve health outcomes for those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and cholesterol.Our technical assistance promotes workflow redesign and meaningful use of EHRs to improve provider identification of undiagnosed hypertension and management of adults with hypertension. Our technical assistance addresses an array of topics including; screening mechanisms (medical/non-medical i.e. SDOH), utilization of data, lifestyle change promotion, and patient engagement (i.e. SMBP, HIT, etc.).


  • Develop solutions to address the social determinants of health driving outcomes for diabetes and heart disease. DCPCA serves as the backbone organization for DC-PACT (Positive Accountable Community Transformation), a coalition working to identify and address social challenges that create health disparities by linking safety-net provider organizations in the District.  For more information, please read about our DC PACT project.


  • Produce quality measure data from health centers on diabetes and heart disease indicators to inform District strategy. DCPCA reports to DC Health with health center data on current clinical quality measures for heart disease and diabetes. We provide health center members with support to expand data reporting and analysis capabilities to inform chronic disease care. This includes group and individual BridgeIT and Tableau trainings that focus on creating and analyzing quality measure reports.


  • Encourage health center members to identify, report, and refer patients to evidence-based diabetes prevention and management. Through our health center network, we promote opportunities for ADA-recognized/AADE-accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) programs and National Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs).


How to Get Involved


For more information on Million Hearts or to request technical assistance and training regarding chronic disease, please contact our QI Specialist, Berlinda Olivier at