Policy and Advocacy

DCPCA’s Policy and Advocacy team identifies and takes action on advocacy opportunities to support health center sustainability, as well as leads the work of DCPCA on addressing the social determinants of health through the DC PACT coalition. DC PACT joins community health centers, hospitals, managed care organizations, behavioral health clinics, community support organizations, and government agencies into a care ecosystem focused on shared accountability for identifying and addressing social needs that impact health.  DC PACT’s vision is to align clinical and community services to create a seamless community of care that improves health and increases health equity in the District of Columbia. Outside of DC PACT, the Policy and Advocacy team works with health center leadership to take action on legislative, administrative, and budgetary opportunities, particularly to ensure continued access to high quality, comprehensive, culturally informed, integrated primary care.

Main Areas of Focus

  • Health Care Access and Equity
    • Defend and protect DC residents’ access to high quality affordable health care including addressing resource, service, geographic, and enrollment equity
    • Position health centers as the network of choice
    • Promoting access and equity in behavioral health
  • Social Determinants of Health 
    • Build the movement to identify and address social needs through Health System action and community collaboration
  • Health System Innovation 
    • Provide timely, accurate, comprehensive health information that supports clinical decision-making, care coordination, and improved health outcomes
    • Ensure continued investment in the Districts’ health information exchange
    • Promote Medicaid value payment systems change

Departmental Programs:

  • DC PACT 
    • DC PACT (Positive Accountable Community Transformation) is a collective impact coalition effort of community providers, including social service non-profits, faith institutions, behavioral health providers, hospitals and community health centers, in partnership with multiple District government public health agencies, with DCPCA serving as the “backbone” organization, guided by an advisory council. DC PACT is working to build our vision of DC as a seamless accountable health community that addresses unmet social needs in order to improve health and increase equity. See DC PACT page here for more information.
  • DCPCA Public Testimony
  • Reports & Publications 
    • Memos, and other policy reports and documents



Current Policy Priorities- 2018